Synthetic Shake Shingles Installation

Synthetic Wood Shakes With a Reddish-Brown Color

Low-Maintenance, High-Quality Roofing

Few roofing materials offer the warm, natural aesthetic that cedar shakes provide. It’s no wonder wooden shakes and shingles enjoy a luxurious reputation among homeowners and developers. Unfortunately, high costs associated with installation and maintenance make cedar roofing too expensive for many people to enjoy.

There is an alternative solution, thankfully. Synthetic wood shakes and shingles create a convincing wood appearance, without the demanding maintenance requirements. To learn more about synthetic wood shingle installation in Long Island, NY, call the Quality Homes USA, Inc. team at 844-766-3669!

Why Choose Synthetic Shakes?

Like other types of premium materials, natural wood’s lovely design comes with some heavy responsibilities. For one, wood can develop algae and moss growth within just a couple months. That means the surface has to be cleaned every two to three months. More importantly, wood is a natural fire hazard, forcing homeowners to take serious precautions when they install shake roofing.

A synthetic wood shingle installation specifically addresses these vulnerabilities. With specialized molds designed to imitate the shape and texture of real cedar, synthetics create a very convincing alternative. Because the material is made from a composite mixture (which may include asphalt, plastics, rubber, metal, and/or cement), it doesn’t suffer the same fire danger as natural wood. With high-water resistance, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing in your shakes (or shingles). Best of all, you’ll get to enjoy that glorious wood aesthetic, while simultaneously benefiting from enhanced storm protection!

Your Synthetic Wood Shingle Replacement

Wondering whether synthetic wood shingles or shakes could be perfect for your home? Our courteous and knowledgeable roofers at Quality Homes USA, Inc. would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the installation process, material costs, and other concerns. We start by establishing your design and budget goals to find a solution that fits. Afterwards, your personal expert can walk you through installation steps (including time requirements).

You could enjoy a Long Island, NY synthetic wood shingle installation in no time! Call our friendly staff at 844-766-3669 and ask for your estimate. When you choose our highly-rated professionals for your roof installation, you can expect quality craftsmanship and impeccable service!