Synthetic Slate Roofing

A Close Look at Synthetic Slate Tile

Accessible, Luxurious Roofing

Natural slate offers long-lasting, durable roof protection that few systems can match. However, it also comes with extreme material sourcing costs and severe weight requirements. Coupled with a high installation cost, these obstacles are often too high for homeowners to overcome.

Thankfully, there’s an alluring alternative to natural stone: synthetic slate. Not only does this long-term roofing solution provide outstanding protection, it comes at a fraction of the price of natural slate. To learn more about this premium material, call our trusted Quality Homes USA, Inc. team at 844-766-3669 and ask about synthetic slate roofing installation in Long Island, NY.

What’s Different About Synth Slate?

The most crucial change between a natural and synthetic slate installation lies in the weight. As we mentioned earlier, stone roofing carries an enormous amount of weight and requires a very strong supporting framework to hold up the tiles. On the other hand, synthetic slate utilizes plastics and rubber materials to create a much lighter, still impact-resistant material.

While synthetics won’t last over a century like natural stone, these faux materials still endure for 50 to 60 years (again, at a fraction of the cost). They also possess ultraviolet ray inhibitors which slow the sun’s fading effect. Many synthetic tile solutions (including faux slate) enjoy a Class A fire-resistance rating, providing additional security for your home. Of course, your family will also enjoy a gorgeous, eye-catching roofing system!

Synthetic Slate Roof Installation

At Quality Homes USA, Inc., our highly-rated team provides affordable services for many families throughout the local community. Our roofers offer outstanding craftsmanship for that oh-so-important roof replacement. If you’re looking to enhance your property value and defend your home against future storm threats, why not call our trusted experts and ask for an estimate?

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