Roofing Storm Damage Repairs

Roof Section With Exposed Decking Due to Wind-Ripped Shingles

Tackling Sudden Roof Damage

Storm damage is a challenge that many of us face as homeowners. That struggle can be particularly worrisome when it affects your roof. After all, the rooftop defends the rest of your home from pests and water trauma. That’s why prompt repairs is essential, and why our team at Quality Homes USA, Inc. works hard to provide accessible repair solutions!

Come to our highly-rated, reliable roofing professionals for all your restoration needs! We support countless homeowners every years with affordable, lasting roof storm damage repair in Long Island, NY. Call our team at 844-766-3669 and schedule a checkup for your home. We can’t wait to serve you!

Our Storm-Related Services

At Quality Homes USA, Inc., we offer several services to keep your home protected in the event of storm damage. Of course, we back all these solutions with 24/7 emergency repair, in case you need urgent care after hours. Contact us anytime to arrange service for your home!

Roof Leaks

Roof Leak Repairs & Patching

Roof leaks start as small, insignificant-seeming problems that may eventually spiral out of control. Even small leaks can expose your attic and insulation to potential water damage and mold growth. Extended leaks can even threaten the integrity of your roof supports.

Leaks may develop in any area of your rooftop, but there are a few “usual suspects”. First, displaced or corroded flashing causes many an aggressive leak for homeowners. These metal strips are designed to direct water away from vulnerable areas of your home, but damaged flashing actually funnels water inside.

Busted and displaced shingles also permit water into the underlying space. The same can be said for pock marks in TPO, PVC, or EPDM membranes. Make sure that your home is properly protected from leaks!

Wind Damage

Repairing Wind Damage

Wind damage represents a more consistent, real threat against your roof than homeowners give it credit. Severe wind can curl and raise healthy shingles, while uplifted ones may come clean off the roof! If your roof experiences this startling phenomenon, you’ll need to act quickly to protect your decking and the underlying attic from leaks.

Contact our local roofing company and arrange your Long Island, NY roof storm damage repair! You’ll be glad to avoid the potential consequences of waiting too long.

Insurance Help

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Assistance

Navigating through the process of roof storm damage repair can feel frustrating, especially if you’re dealing with a stingy insurance company. Our professionals know the feeling, which is why we like to provide as much assistance as possible with your claim. When you ask us to inspect your roof after a storm, we’ll happily supply you with a detailed report of our findings.

How does this help your insurance claim? As licensed professionals, our roofers can identify every applicable area of damage that needs to be included with your filing. The report we provide represents an accurate, professional assessment of your repair (or in some cases, replacement) costs, something your insurance company can’t ignore. Coupled with your storm damage photos, this supplemental evidence makes it much more likely you’re receive a favorable outcome on your claim!

When you’re ready to move forward, our team will be there to complete the repairs or replacement for your roof. You might even use this opportunity to upgrade to a more durable material, such as impact resistant shingles.

For Additional Information

  • Emergency Roof Repair Contact our company anytime for emergency service, even on the weekends! Our on-call roofers will help you find fast relief.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired / Patched Need help closing off a leak inside your rooftop? Call our team and schedule leak repair for your home.
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair Wind represents a signficant hazard against rooftops, especially shingle systems. Make sure your roof is protected!
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help Want assistance collecting documentation for your insurance claim? Our claim assistance service makes it easy!
A Roofer Installs New Shingles on a Roof

Arrange Your Professional Repairs Today!

Our seasoned professionals treat each client’s home like it was there own. When we get started on a repair project, our team makes sure to incorporate quality materials that will last for the long haul. Because of our professionals superior craftsmanship and courteous service, homeowners continue to entrust their roofing projects to us.

Don’t just take our word on the matter! See what other New York homeowners have to say about our repair services in the reviews. When you’re ready, contact our helpful staff at 844-766-3669 and arrange your roof storm damage repair in Long Island, NY.